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Made in Sweden, Swedish patent pend  By Polarprod AB Sweden

A brand new and unique product. Environmentally- friend

ly and easy to use in the boat,  in your caravan or in the summer house. Cabin Cooler is a very simple and elegant solution that provides you with nice indoor climate using very little energy, it's silent, it's small and it's sold at a very competitive price.

Only 1 amp, 12 v !




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Cabin Cooler for boats, mobile homes, caravan

Cabin Cooler for boats, mobile homes, caravan

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What is Cabin Cooler 

We are now introducing an air condition device that consumes extremely little energy, not more than a little reading light (1amp). Cabin Cooler runs on 12 volts and is therefore perfect for boats fitted with cabin, mobile homes, caravan or the summer house.
Cabin Cooler  provides you with the same cooling effect as does the water that surrounds the heat exchanger.

Cabin Cooler is very effective. Cabin Cooler does not contain any hazardous chemicals, just water.



Examples of placement Cabin Coolers heat exchanger

The boat; => into the water.

The caravan, => into the water tank.

The summerhouse => drain or sink.

In the villa, => in the sink, bathtub

In the apartment, => in the sink.

Cabin Cooler has about 30.000 hours of operation

Cabin Cooler is Stylish and extremely quiet.

No dangerous chemicals, just water



Some examples of how Effective Cabin Cooler is;

In your boat during hot summer nights, no cool breeze to beat the heat.  Sink the heat exchanger to depths where water temperature is significantly lower,
for instance, water temperature at the surface is 20 degrees c, but only 5 meters below, the temperature is 14 degrees c.  Cabin Cooler will then deliver 14 degrees into your cabin.Anyone who sails in the Mediterranean knows that air-temperature seldom sinks below 30 degrees, not even at night. With cabin Cooler you can now sleep as in a luxury hotel.



Cabin Cooler:

Dimensions / capacities;

2 fan type, 30X14X14 cm, air flow: 134 cfm





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Cabin Cooler for boats, mobile homes, caravan,  an extremely low energy air conditioning that does not take more power than a little reading light

Cabin Cooler is fitted with;

  • Special made quick couplers with double seal.
  • Special designed hose with super insulation, 10 meters included. Extra 5 meters as accessories!
Cabin Cooler for boats, mobile homes, caravan
  • On and off button and full and half speed.
  • Heat exchanger.